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Nanjing Honghu Fire-Fighting Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.was founded in 1979, formerly known as Lishui Honghu Fire Equipment Factory.Formerly it belonged toHonglan Agricultural Machinery Management Station. At the beginning of the plant construction, it mainly produced MP6, MS7 portable foam and acid-base fire extinguisher. The productspassed the provincial technical appraisal in 1983. The quality system passed the acceptance of the Ministry of Public Security inAug.1987,and the productsobtained the national industrial productsproduction license.During1990 and1991,our company successively developed BC dry powder, ABC dry powder series, 1211 series portable storage pressure fire extinguishers, and obtained the national industrial productsproduction license in the same year. In 1995 and 1996, our company developed the ABC dry powder series of cart fire extinguishers and mechanical foam fire extinguishers. In Feb.2010, the company changed its name to: Nanjing Honghu Fire-FightingEquipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The company has successively developed portable carbon dioxide fire extinguishers and portable water-based fire extinguishers.Both the products passed the national fire equipment quality supervision and inspection center and obtained the fire type productstype approval certificate issued by the Ministry of Public Security Fire Products Conformity Assessment Center.We got the3C certificationand theEuropean CE certificationin Dec.2010.

The company's
floorareaisabout 20,000 square meters.We have more than 150 employees, including various professional and technical personnel for more than 10% of total. The factory has a long history of production, strong technical force and completeinspectionequipment.Forthe past 30 years, according to the needs of the development of fire protection products and the production and technical strength of the company, four series of more than30 specifications of fire extinguisher products have been formed. Theannual production capacityismore than3million.Our products are exported tothe world widelyand are well received bycustomers.

We will continue to take social interests as our responsibility, take science and technology as the guide, and takethequality and efficiency developmentas theroad.Wehope to work together with you to contribute continuously to the development of the fire protection industry and to the safety of people's lives and property!